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Our Story

Since opening in 2009, we have become masters of our craft. Our commitment to quality photos, exceptional services, and dedication to our craft has helped us grow and build our company into what we have now. More followers, more business social media pages, and our own magazine called B.A.Y. Style Magazine, which we started and built-in June 2020. We have always hoped to be published in other corporate magazines, but others did not always pick us. For a while, this went on until I woke up one day and decided to create my own magazine, something with my flare, Bay Area Flare, clothing, and photos that always tell a story. 


The Models and Clients of the community keep coming back again because our services and creativity match no one else's. We make sure whatever vision that client is looking for, we deliver, always. We will never stop improving and continue expanding our services based on how we can best serve the Bay Area and our clients. We thrive on giving our clients the best and most enjoyable experience and customer service. We want to make sure our clients and customers have the most professional photos and creative directing we have to offer. 

Letter From Editor and Chief 

Shonta Jones, the Editor-in-Chief of Bay Style Magazine, would personally like to thank everyone who purchased, viewed, or commented on their #1 Issue "Thank You." Bay Style Magazine has new faces and new concepts to introduce to you on Issue #2, "The Love Issue" As you will see, it is all about the passion for what you do. We have met many small business owners, entrepreneurs, crafters, designers, makeup artists, hairstylists, nail technicians, young adults, and youth who have been inspired to start their own business or follow their passion further.

At Bay Style Magazine, we are all healthy and safe and doing everything we can to keep our staff, models, and clients safe through this pandemic, called Covid-19. 2020 was a hard year for all of us, and without the proper support in your corner, you may have crumbled and given up on yourself and your passion. We are thankful for the uplifting spirits of the staff and the associates we work with. Life can be hard, and we know this all so well, we have worked and worked and been told no, and we need to do more, or we need to have more to start our own magazine, but I, my staff, never gave up, and I am so grateful for that and can now we can say we are an LLC, official and registered.

Starting Bay Style Magazine seemed so simple and maybe not a lot of work about a month ago last year, the boy was I wrong. But it has truly been a blessing, a joyful journey, even though the bad times. We at Bay Style Magazine know the pain all so well. How life can get you down, we want to let you know, and we are here to be about you, to get you where you need to be, whether that be singing, acting, modeling, dancing, or being on film or television, we can help you go down the right path and meet and network with the right people.

Shonta Jones of Bay Style Magazine is a mother first, and that is how she treats all her models, staff, and clients, as an extension of her family. She wants to keep them protected and paid what they are worth. If you would like to work with Bay Style Magazine or even become a Bay Style Magazine model, please contact us via the website at; we would love to work with you and help your passion and dreams come true. "Stay Amazing and Be Amazing," I always say. Never give up on yourself or your passion.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs


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