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Updated: April 14, 2022


We are raising funds to help our talented young peers of Bay Style Talent, enjoy their spring breaks and summer breaks. Below is a list of events we would like to keep up with, to keep our young peers enjoying their breaks, after all their hard work at school and at home, we feel everyone deserves a great break, don't you? 

List of Activities 

  • Friday/Saturday Skate Night Fun   

  • Ice Skating Day/Night Fun

  • Horse Back Riding Lessons (Morgan Hill CA, with TS Paints)

  • Fishing Trips 

  • Boating and Jet Skis rentals  

  • Camping (outdoors (tents) or indoors (cabin) 

  • Bowling or Cosmic Bowling Day/Night Fun


Tired of hearing "there's nothing to do" during spring or summer breaks? Why not invest in our young peers, by donating towards their innovative activities! From Bowling Day/Night, Fishing Trips, and Horse Back Riding Lessons. Our Bay Style Talent program provides a wide variety of activities to choose from. Not only will you be contributing to these talented students' experiences, but you will also get to see them participate in their newfound activities, through the stories and pictures we share on our website. 


Our mission at Bay Style Magazine LLC, is to provide a positive educational experience for children to develop their artistic talents. We value your support in helping us provide this terrific program for kids 3 years – 18 years old. All students enjoy a recreational/social experience, as we have summer dance and music event opportunities. 


Bay Style Magazine LLC is a hub for students ranging from Middle to High School, who are just like your children, and could use your support. They come from all walks of life and range in age from first-year students to seniors. They perform at local organizations, school functions, first Fridays of Oakland, fundraisers, and other special events. All funds raised go toward travel expenses for the Bay Style Talent members and their activities throughout the spring and summer breaks.


To donate to one or more of these activities, please contribute funds through the "Donate" BUTTON.

The organization leaders, Thank you for your ongoing support! 

Donation Tiers Below


Shonta Jones 

CEO, Talent Mentor 

Investing in your dreams is the first step in becoming the professional you want to be in the future. We build leadership and artistic values and skills to help you get there.

- Thank You Letter + Shout out Included

- Thank You Letter + Shout out + Gift Included

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