Interview with "Greenwood District" Cast Member - Justine Redd

Updated: May 6

Name Justine Redd

Plays Character: Lilian Armstrong “lil”

General Questions for the Character

1. BSM: What sort of person will love this character?

The kind of person who would like this character would be people who are the black sheep in the family. "Lil is the type of character who will say what everyone is afraid to say, Lil holds nothing back," says Justine.

2. BSM: How is the character like you, Different?

"I came in right before the first episode and when I first read the script. I knew the part was made for me. Family sees one thing for you, and you are the opposite," says Justine.

3. BSM: Is it easier to play this character, or yourself?

"I felt like I was playing myself, when I'm playing Lil, and I can balance being me and being the character," says Justine.

4. BSM: Without giving anything away, what is your favorite scene or dialogue?

"The dialogue that is my favorite says, Justine, "is the conversation with Lil and her mother and Lil finally stands up to her mother and says, “I am not a whore”. Lil was letting her mother know she was not standing for it anymore, the way her mother treats her that is"

5. BSM: Besides yourself, who else in the cast is going to blow people away?

"The person I feel that will blow people away will be Don Abintino, who is played by Mark Simmons, his deep voice and his portrayal of the character, truly helps you to see the character for who he is," says Justine.

6. BSM: What makes a good scene partner?

"X who is my best friend, creates great chemistry on and off the set with me and our characters in throughout the greenwood series. Understanding chemistry can help you to improvise and build a relationship with the actor/actress, it helps the scene flow, especially if the other person is open to criticism," says Justine.

7. BSM: What is challenging about playing this character?

"I was cast right before the premiere, getting to know Lil and my co-stars in a short period of time was challenging to me. The cast members welcomed me warmly and have been so supportive. I'm very appreciative of all their support and advice," says Justine.

General Questions about the Actor

1. BSM: When was the first time you performed?

Justine says, "The first time I performed was in "Locals clubs, I found myself rapping and singing, and being an becoming an Independent Artist." Justine says. "When I was a child, I performed in church plays and sang in the church choir. I grew up in the church and began performing outside of it when I was 20 years old. "

2. BSM: What is your favorite comfort food?

"My favorite comfort food is Smothered Chicken and Cabbage. I also am in love with biscuits and gravy," says Justine.

3. BSM: Who inspired you to become an actor/actress?

"I look up to myself and inspire myself. I have been through so much in my life that I have learned to inspire myself," say Justine.

4. BSM: In Life, what is most important to you?

"My peace of mind, my spirituality, my voice and the family I've created around me.

Especially my cat "Snow." He's like my baby until my fiancé and I have a baby one day. Lol

I see myself being happy and at peace, finding me and totally loving all of me. Material things mean nothing to me," says Justine.

5. BSM: What do you do in your spare time? Hobby, jogging?

"I am a gamer, so I play my game, I like storyline games, like “Grand Theft Auto” and “Last of Us”, “Overwatch”, and more. I run a Podcast called, "Ignorance Iz Bliss," says Justine.

6. BSM: Where do you see yourself in five years? Life, career, goals?

"I see myself trying to keep a stable income, I am so tired of working for people. When I try to work for people, you have to make a schedule, their schedule, and it is draining. Everything was work, work, work, think, sleep and work. Toxic work environments. I am too real a person, and nobody should be around negative energy, my parents taught me to be blunt and strong, that is why I am blunt and a hard a*s. They weren't ready for me on the job. I gave you the energy you gave me, right back to you," says Justine.

7. BSM: Anything else?

"I have also been a part of the cast for an Independent Film called, "Life Under the Rainbow", I am currently a part of the cast for a YouTube reality series called, "Mainstream Dreamz Chicago," says Justine.

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