Interview with "Greenwood District" Cast Member - Dushawn Dwayne Darling

Updated: May 6

Name: Dushawn Dwayne Darling

Plays the character Troy (Big Daddy's Love Interest)

Questions and Answers about the Character

1. BSM: What sort of person is going to love this, Character?

The underdog is going to love Troy. Troy does a lot on his own and does not rely on otters. Dreamers would also love this character, Troy.

2. BSM: How is the Character like you or different?

I feel like Troy, and I are the same person. I was supposed to help out and be an editor for the project and ended up being a perfect part for Troy. Miley Duran reached out to me personally and said this part was just for me. Dushawn says, “He is always the best friend and not the main lover.” Big Daddy wants Troy, but has to keep face for the World they live in.

3. BSM: Is it easier to play this character or be yourself on screen?

It is easier for me to play the character; I get to put on a mask and be someone else. I am playing a character, a role.

4. BSM: What do you dislike about this character?

His development of his character is more fiction than nonfiction. I would like to see him own up more and grow.

5. BSM: Without giving anything away, what is your favorite line or dialogue?

Opening scene when Troy and Big Daddy get into an argument. Big Daddy says, "I like it when you call me Big Daddy.” Troy says, “I like it when you keep your promises.” (You can say you love me, but a promise is a promise and keep your promises.)

6. BSM: Besides yourself, who else in the production is going to blow people away?

Lil and Junior. Lil lives her life to the most and always lives her best life and living her best life. Lil has all varieties of herself and displays them in the episodes as she grows. Lil pushes me to perfect my craft and emotions. Junior because he has a deep voice and will capture the ladies and the crowd by the way he speaks.

7. BSM: What makes a great scene partner?

Dushawn says, “A great scene partner is someone who is not afraid to say the words on the paper. I love when a great scene partner can ab lib if they forget a line. If you have to be that emotion, be that emotion. It is perfect when another partner can feed off one another's emotions.”

General Questions about the Actor

1. BSM: When did you first perform?

The first time I performed was six years old in Jamaica, to a song by Cisco called “Thong ''. Was so fun and I had a blast doing it.

2. BSM: Who do you look up to?

I look up to strong women, my mom and my mentor from college. Dushawn says, “He wants to be able to fill the room with Life.”

3. BSM: What attracted you to Acting?

Dushawn says, “being in Jamaican, Gay and a Christian, I was always playing a role all my life, it was good to start acting a play someone else, because I was already good at playing someone else. Give me a character and I can play them, no problem. I am very good at improv as well, coming up with lines on the fly.”

4. BSM: What is your favorite comfort food?

“My favorite comfort food is pizza. Thin crust, pepperoni, jalapeños, creamy garlic sauce and a buttery crust. Heaven.”

5. BSM: Besides acting, do you have another passion or job?

Yes, I work as a case manager for a Head Start Program. I love what I do and helping those who cannot help themselves. It's a rewarding place to work.

6. BSM: Are you part of a small or big family?

I am part of a small family, it's me, my mom, my younger brother and older sister. My dad is not in the picture much, but our bond grew stronger as I grew older. . I lived in the Jamaica Suburbs till I was nine years old, when my mom moved to America for work. I was upset at first because I had to learn school all over again and teach my parents and siblings the same curriculum. It may be a stronger, resistant and resourceful person. I became the diamond in the ruff and I appreciate that. Pressure made and perfect Diamond.

7. BSM: If someone made a movie about your life, who would play you?

If my life was a movie and someone would play me, it would be the actor from “Everybody Hates Chris.”, Tyler James Williams. He would be the perfect person, because he has already portrayed the life of actor Chris Rock very well and is a great actor.

8. BSM: What sort of acting roles will you be seeking in the future?

I wish to learn more about Animation and the Idea of Animation and how it works.

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