Interview with "Greenwood District" Cast Member - Vesta

Name: Vesta

Character: Big Daddy

General Questions About the Character

1. BSM: What is your biggest challenge in taking on this role?

“Playing masculine part, ha ha. I've never been that good at being a masculine person in real life. So, having to play this character, who

is the head of the town, a Boss figure and one of the most masculine and intimidating forces in the show, says Vesta."

2. BSM: Without giving anything away, what is your favorite line or dialogue?

“Without spoiling anything, there are a couple of lines in the show where I really pop off on people. Those are all my favorites; I get to just really let people know who the hell I am ha ha ha. I am the head honcho and they

better all respect my authority, Vesta says”

3. BSM: Besides yourself, who is in this production will blow people away?

Vesta says, “Octavia who plays my wife Isabel, is honestly the perfect foil and we play so well off of each other. It catches everyone off guard when we read a scene for the first time and it's almost perfect from the jump. That's not super common. to me at least. Being able to feed off another partner, like we have known one another or have worked with one another. Octavio is an amazing Actress to work with and the world should watch out for her.”

4. BSM: What makes a great scene partner?

“Being cool, friendly or being able to relate to each other outside of the characters, by hanging out or befriending one another to help make the characters come to life in the scene. Deshawn who plays Troy, and Octavia who plays Isabelle, I have had very good chemistry with them and with Octavia it was long before we were even casted in the show that we have known one another and are friends, and this really helps with our scene chemistry and this also helps with a scene partner, working within a scene, Vesta says”.


General Questions about the Actor

1. BSM: When did you first perform?

“Oh man, I have to say my first performance was in 2006, when I used to be part of a school called “Amazing Grace Conservatory” based out of Los Angeles California, my first show was called “Guys and Dolls”. I played the lieutenant with an angry/nervous tick, ha ha. Was so fun and a great learning experience, Vesta says.”

2. BSM: What is your favorite comfort food?

Vesta says, “I am a sucker for sweets, so I got to say, Ice Cream or Cookies, both must be chocolate chip flavored.”

3. BSM: Who inspires or inspired you to become an actor/actress?

“I honestly had to think about this for a while because most of my artistry is musical, but honestly, I have to give it to my parents, my mother in particular who was very supportive of me pursuing acting from a very young age. If we're talking about a classic actress/actor in a classic movie, I would have to say, the movie called “St Louis Blues”, with Eartha Kitt, Nat King Cole and “Cab Calloway”. I'm a sucker for classic black and white nourish movies, with music based in it, Vesta says.”

4. BSM: What do you do in your spare time?

“I like to dabble in a lot of different art forms, I write poetry, create music, I am a bit rusty, but I do love to draw sometimes. I'm a fantastic cook and I'm always cooking at the house for me and my friends, Vesta says.”

5. BSM: Where do you see yourself in five years, Life? Goals? Career?

“In 5 years, I'd like to be somewhere living happily. I know that sounds generic, but I would like to be in a stable living environment, and I would like my music to be my main income and nothing else, Vesta says.”

6. BSM: Besides acting, do you have another passion or job? What do you do or what is your passion?

Vesta says, “Music, music, music, music, music will always be my lifeline, it is my heartbeat and what I most love to do in the world. I've got three self-produced, self-written, self-made albums out and there will be many more to come in the future.