Interview with "The 4 Horsemen MC Bay Area Ca"

Updated: May 23

Name: Dula Dula (President of The 4 Horsemen MC Bay Area CA)

Name: Doc B (Vice President of The 4 Horsemen MC Bay Area Ca)

Based out of Richmond California

1. BSM: When did you become charter president and how long have you been president? "I have been a Vice President for The 4 Horsemen MC Bay Area for about eight years and then became President of The 4 Horsemen MC Bay Area just recently, when we had an election in 2022. I have been on the motorcycle set for about twenty years and was Vice President of another Club before I joined this one," says Dula Dula. 2. BSM: What is the difference between a motorcycle charter or chapter? Dula Dula says, "They are technically the same, they are usually a large band of people, multiple groups, of multiple different sectors, of one specific club and that is how you get a charter or chapter, and they can be state to state or nationwide."

3. BSM: How many members are in your chapter/charter?

President Dula Dula says, "We do not have members, we have Brothers.

4. BSM: what charities or communities do you support?

"We do a lot for the community; we host Fish Fry Fundraisers to help raise money for our club and community programs we host. We just hosted an Easter Basket giveaway for the kids, fed the homeless campus multiple times this year and last year we hosted a Christmas toy giveaway for the children and low-income families in our area, because of the generous donations from various organizations and other motorcycle clubs in our area. The 4 Horsemen MC Bay Area are very active in the community and are based out of the Bay Area, but our Clubhouse is in Richmond Ca. A lot of our members are from Richmond Ca, so we do a lot more for the Richmond Community. During Covid Pandemic one of our Members took it upon themselves to start a Bag Lunch Program for those who could not get out to eat lunch or get lunch, we prompted the rest of the members to join in and help the cause. The Bag Lunch project fed at least 100 people a day through the pandemic, we were very proud of that achievement," says Dula Dula.

5. BSM: What is your charter's Mission? "Our mission is to help our community as much as we can, keep growing as a charter family and stay positive while doing it. We host Sunday Funday and that is where everyone brings their family out and we just enjoy one another and have a great time. We are all about family and bonding, so most of the events we do cater around family-oriented things. The 4 Horsemen MC Bay Area is a non-profit registered organization in the State of California, as most clubs are non-profits. We do not look to make money; we look to help the community and better the community through the programs we provide and give" says Dula Dula.

6. BSM: Does your charter have a sister or brother charter? "We have fourteen active members right now and several retired members, two are not active due to injuries. We had 13 active chapters Nationwide and we are one of the 3 remaining chapters in California. We have chapters in Southern California. Arizona, Wisconsin, Indianna, Tennessee and Chicago. We do have a motorcycle Sister Club called "Lady 4's MC Bay Area that is directly under The 4 Horsemen MC Bay Area, and they are their own entity and do what we do, but also promote empowerment for women," says Dula Dula.

7. BSM: Why do people give motorcycle clubs a bad name? "Because of the way the media portrays motorcycle clubs and the stereotypes of the past, not to mention the strength and bond that's made with the brothers. People get afraid when they see something they don't understand, especially when we are moving in unison on our motorcycles from block to block, city to city, state to state." says Dula Dula.

8. BSM: In closing Vice President Doc B. just wants to say, "The 4 Horsemen MC Bay Area, have much love and respect for one another, family first and we definitely ride for our families and for one another. Always make sure family is taken care of first, that is our motto"

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