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"The Reluctant KING of the UNDERGROUND" by: Mikey Duran

Updated: 22 minutes ago

In Henry IV, the most famous line is “Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown”. Here in Chicago, there are multiple scenes that people align with, mini kingdoms if you will. Each has that one person who leads by example, style and flair. The alternative queer scene is a kingdom of such, small yet growing in power and size. But the leader does not want to lead. In fact, William Ramsey simply wants to be a fan who happens to have a voice.

When I started in Queer Radio here in Chicago back in 2018, William’s name never came up but his stage name, “Boys Vs Girls”, was on the lips of every queer person who loved alternative music and lifestyle. When I met this diminutive yet strikingly handsome queer black man, I couldn’t believe that this was the person that everyone had been talking about. He had just recorded new music and was embarking on the creation of a concert revue show, perfectly titled “The Pride Takeover”. Fast forward to now and within almost four years, “The Pride Takeover” has become the hottest underground revue in Chicago, with many of the city’s hottest up and coming queer talent gracing the stage. Now, as the show is about to prepare for its final show on December 17th, me and William looked back at what has become his Kingdom. This idea of being a king is one William does not have of himself.