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Updated: May 6

Wear-Tink's by: Keldamusiz is Diva Interviewed By: Minh Tran

As we approach the year 2022, many artists and designers have changed how they engage with their audiences. This year, Bay Style Magazine teamed up with one individual brand taking the fashion accessories game by storm.

Keldamuzik is Diva, has recently launched her ready-to-wear multi-color Beret collection, Wear-Tink's, created by the singer, rapper, and actor. "Since 2005, I have been working professionally in the music and entertainment industry and noticed that not many artists are promoting berets as a trendy item to represent their brands in the hip-hop community," said Diva.

This window of opportunity appeared when Diva developed word-of-mouth collaborations with local merchandisers and artists in her network to leverage the brands' identity.

She has gained a large following over the years from having worked with television networks such as BET and Hulu to presenting at the Sundance Film Festival special events. This women-owned company believes in the importance of diligent work and dedication to any project they undertake.

Fans have well-received the new merchandise since its initial launch in 2021.

BSM had the opportunity to interview this musically talented artist. The success of this brand was determined by her parents' passion and her mother's determination to help her start a brand-new fast-fashion business. An idea that seemed silly turned into a fashion cult following.

BSM: How did this whole idea come about? Diva: Well, it was during the pandemic and my mom would send me care packages and inside the boxes would be random items, which included these amazing unbranded berets. I wore them around town and got so many compliments, so I envisioned a plan to sell them at my concerts. I asked my design team to brand it as Wear-Tink's.

BSM: Who is buying your Wear-Tink's' berets? Diva: A lot of my support comes from my fans in the music and entertainment space. They love my music and would show their support by buying the berets.

BSM: Are you looking to expand the label? Diva: I plan to keep them exclusively "just berets" at the moment, I feel like that's my niche. I do also have t-shirts to go along with them, but at the moment this is the direction we're heading.

BSM: Many of our readers are women. Would you say that this is a popular women's fashion item? Diva: Surprisingly, men and women love my products. It's a Unisex brand. Very gender neutral.

In conclusion, we asked Diva. Where did she see her company going in the next 5 years? Her response was sincere and honest. "All I want is for my customers to be happy with what they have and wear what makes them happy. "Do you" don't let society dictate what you can and cannot wear. It is your style. Be ABOUT yourself!

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